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Welcome to my little campaign. . .

Before we get started, here’re the basic rules:

DM Is always right except when she’s wrong.

We’ll be starting from level 1 and by the time we’re finished with the adventure, players can expect to be around 2nd-3rd (possibly 4th) level. It’s scheduled to be a short campaign but if it goes over well, we might expand it into a larger one.

Character Generation is simple and straight forward (for Pathfinder). I HIGHLY encourage people to come up with a background for their character and fill it in in the bio thinggy, share it with me. I’ll award XP and make use of your background if at all possible.

Any odd things you want to do can be sent to me on one of the messenger programs and we can discuss it.

I’m sure more will be added, but this will get us started.

Main Page

In the Shadow of the Hatshepsut Faithless