Character Creation Rules

Most of this stuff is on your hono(u)r, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Information on the Pathfinder world, deities and mechanics can be found at the following places:

Pathfinder Wiki
Pathfinder SRD

4D6 per stat, take the best 3, you’ll get 1 re-roll. Apply the stats how you choose.

Starting gold is 250 coins. Call it seed money for your character. Pretty much anything is available that can be purchased. Level 1 arcane spells cost 50 coins a piece and can be purchased in addition to your starting spells.

Concepts are open to anything, just be aware that there will be consequences (good or ill) for your character based upon things like race and how they act. You can play a half-balor antipaladin of Cuthlu but that doesn’t mean it’ll be well recieved.

All core races are open as are Platetouched and other exotics (Cat people anyone?) with the same caviat as mentioned.

Default rules say 2 feats or 3 if you take a drawback. House rules are 2 traits and 1 drawback. XP will be awarded for RPing that drawback without explicitly mentioning it.

Bonded weapons/items/familiars:
You’re free to bond with whatever you so choose if it’s important to the character.

Please find a portrait. It will make your GM happy. <3

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Character Creation Rules

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