Lialda Alcorn

A shy young half elf with her nose in a book.


Lialda is a tall, lanky half elven maiden who looks barely out of her teen years. With bright eyes set slightly farther apart than a human’s, she takes in the world with warm curiosity and the passion only a young teen can muster. She stands nestled in her oversized robes, carrying around a satchel full of notebooks, charcoal pencils and codexes of obscure archaic tomes.

Lialda usually wears her flowing black locks loose between her long ears which are adorned with various bits of silver jewelery. She is uneasy around new people but if approached about a topic she is passionate about, she opens up like a flower and can carry a conversation for hours.

When around Grace, the girl seems at once curious and genuinely frightened of her. They share a faint familial resemblance but it looks more as though Grace could be her sister than her mother.


Lialda Alcorn

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