Gracemorel Moonshadow

An elf with a massive twin axe


Gracemorel Moonshadow

Gracemorel or ‘Grace’ shares a vague resemblance Lialda and keeps a protective eye on her. While it’s obvious that there is a history between her and Kenda, she keeps her distance from the human and seldom helps him when he falters.

Grace isn’t cold and seems friendly to others, though she keeps her distance when it comes to topics of background and history and while charismatic and smooth talking, her accent and some of the terminology she uses sound strange. She is encased in strange armor, carrying an equally alien twin headed axe that she wields with superb accuracy and grace. Various small cords and glowing bits oscillate in time to her heartbeat, particularly the ones around her torso but the nature of this magic is so far beyond you, you can’t make sense of it.

Proudly adorning her armor is an engraving of three crystal; pink, blue and green overlapping in the middle to form a six pointed star shape surrounded by a golden circle. Those familiar with the elven pantheon will recognize this as the holy symbol of the goddess Yuelral. A neutral good deity revered by jewelers and magic.



Gracemorel Moonshadow

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